Okay Hear Me Out: Balloon Jeans


Okay, hear me out: I like balloon Jeans, guys. While I’m never going to change out my skinny jeans, I’ve been really curious about jeans in other styles (you can see some of my favorites here!). Since I try on a lot, I get to try many styles without committing to them (10/10 recommend this method) and this pair has stayed with me. I can usually tell instantly if I like or hate something, there’s no middle ground. But this pair, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. It wasn’t love at first sight, but it was intriguing. I love the wider leg with the tapeRed waist and I love the slightly cropped look of these jeans. Balloon jeans is a pretty accurate description because the legs widen and then narrow, like a balloon. And I’ll be honest, that doesn’t sound pretty when I write it. But I kept going back to them and trying them, deciding whether or not to stay. While trying them on in different styles, I felt something was off. Then it hit me: increase the size and let them be even looser and more relaxed at the hips. I took them to Madewell, did the exchange and YES MA’AM this is the look I wanted. I was delighted that they fit the way I wanted in my head. (You can see them in my typical TTS (28) for Madewell here.)

So the lesson here? If this is a new style for you, try a few different sizes until you like the fit of the jeans. For you, a smaller size might fit better or a larger size, like me. I’m 29 here and they’re pretty big in the waist, but I can take them down a bit and leave them hanging down, very relaxed. This plus size also relaxed the thighs, so the jeans fall on a straight leg instead of curving to the shape of my leg. You can find these from Madewell here.

(If you read the reviews you can tell people are a little all over the place with fit and I don’t want to add to the fit chaos. I would say overall they fit true to size but I wanted them a bit more baggy/relaxed through the hips and thighs, so I got bigger. I would suggest a tailoRed fit, especially if you find the jeans are baggier in the waist.)

If you like this look, I’ve found a few other versions at different price points below!

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Again, you don’t have to love them but me. I really like them a lot. They are comfortable and feel like a 90s throwback which I can really get behind. And while we can’t all agree on balloon jeans, I think we can all agree on a puff-sleeve Tee. I love this one and it’s under $40! It fits me true to size and is the most loved jersey. I’m in the middle, it fits true to size! You can find it here.