New but vintage t-shirt


Did you know that this is a type of outfit that I wear quite a bit but rarely show here? Jeans + T-shirt + sneakers are my favorite outfits. As you know, I’ve been on the internet for how long, 11 years? – and there have been quite a few “rules” that I made up over the years. Arbitrary rules that don’t really exist anywhere except in my brain, but over many years I created a rubric to follow content-wise here. She just wanted the best content and outfits for the blog, which resulted in years of elegant looks with cute dresses and heels. I absolutely do not regret trying to create the best for the blog, but it has taken me a while to undo those “rules” I created. Not wearing heels has been a big step, silly as it sounds, but it’s also been liberating in a way. In fact, we’ve come full circle with fashion blogging: We started shooting casual outfits at home and now we’re back shooting casual outfits at our homes. So while this may seem like a normal outfit, and it is, it’s also a big step up for me. One small step for a normal person, one giant leap for a very nervous and thoughtful fashion blogger.

With that said, let’s talk about my fake vintage Shirt. LOL, you might as well call it what it is. I loved finding vintage t-Shirts in thrift stores in high school and college. I got pretty good at finding them and I’m actually kind of sad I got rid of some of my best ones. I had a really cool collection and now I’m kicking myself. Of course, that just means another girl who was searching found a really cool vintage t-Shirt and that makes me happy. I found this shirt at Madewell recently and it fits perfectly. It’s so smooth that it already feels used and has a vague graphic that makes me look modern and mysterious. And isn’t that what every 36 year old is looking for? 😉

I’m in the middle and it fits TTS! Find it here.

Speaking of which, Madewell is on Sale this week! I’ve been posting a lot of Madewell recently and now it’s 20-30% off depending on what you buy! My jean is also Madewell and you can easily size down with this pair. I’m at 28 but they’re still pretty generous. I love this distressed look and it’s a great alternative if you’re looking for an alternative to skinny Jeans. Find them here! Use the code HOWFUN.

PS: You have to go read the latest review of this shirt. I feel attacked😂😂