Monochrome spring outfit


Do you want to know the absolute irony of this chic look? My hair is dirty, these Jeans are extremely comfortable and easy to wear, and my TOP is a T-shirt. Is it the low bun that saves this whole look? Is the binomial monochromatic? Pointy flats? Yes, yes and yes. The three of them are working together as my own personal glam squad to help me not look like the mutant I woke up with.

Which brings me to my next point: I love a low bun. Which is weird because I rarely put my hair up when it was long, but now that I have Shorter hair I love getting it out of my face. He feels elegant and effortless, which he is. So if you see a lot of low po (which is what I call them) it’s because I’m a) lazy and b) obsessed with them right now. Chic has never been so lazy.

Let’s talk about these jeans, which I already have around here, but I really like them. They fit well, they’re comfortable, and I’d honestly call them canvas PANTS instead of jeans, but what do I know? Sometimes I find wide leg jeans quite unflattering, but these really work. I think between the well-fitting waist and the slightly cropped length, it creates a really nice silhouette. You can find this pair of PANTS here!

All of that to say that lately I’ve been loving outfits that are easy to wear and comfortable but look put together. It’s a fine art, I tell you. Because my heart wants to stay in my workout clothes, but my head wants to look pretty. So I change into a pair of soft Denim and a T-Shirt, and voila, an easy outfit for the day. And you? Do you sit in big dressy outfits, casual everyday outfits or still living in Hoodies/leggings? By the way, there is no wrong answer. Here leggings and costumes coexist.