Easy Knit Dress Under $50


Well, this post was supposed to be out on Monday (yesterday). But someone, and I’m not giving names, but it’s the blog’s namesake, forgot to schedule it to post. It only works if it works, Kendi.

Guys, I found the most beautiful dress for spring. And yes, you will be hearing that sentence a lot in the coming weeks, but this one is a good one. She is a keeper. Under $50, flattering and NOT tacky. Can I get an amen on that? It’s a nice, thicker, Textured but not heavy fabric, which is exactly what I want right now. I paiRed it with a little jean Jacket around my waist and some sneakers, but it would look lovely with some wedges or heels. It’s a real crowd pleaser. I’m in the middle and it fits TTS! Find it here.